Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls and Kale Salad

I spent the entire day working on these delicious beauties:
Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Frosting from the Pioneer Woman. I halved the recipe since the original quantity is for 50 people. They came out delicious. I let them rise in the fridge for 4 hours which made them easier to work with. I made them for my bf's co-worker's birthday tomorrow. I'll take any excuse to bake. They were sweet, gooey, soft and PERFECT. I'm freezing the leftovers so that we can have cinnamon rolls on weekend mornings without having to do all the work.

For dinner, I had smoked salmon, dry-rubbed ribs, and a Karena's colorful kale salad. I massaged the kale to make sure that the dressing soaked into the leaves, and let it marinate for 6 hours. It was SO GOOD! Creaminess from the feta, nuttiness from the pine nuts, sweetness from the cranberries, and plenty of fresh crunch. I just adore those Tone It Up girls. I added cucumbers, almonds and bell peppers to this recipe, and doubled the kale.

Here is the recipe:
Today's workout consisted of biceps, triceps, abs and cardio from Live Fit Day 32. My poor triceps hate me. I was watching Greys on the treadmill at the gym, and I started crying when I saw O'Malley. I am a complete psycho. I just hate when characters I like die, for example: 007, Mufasa, the kid from Alpha Dog, Marley (the dog, but I guess the singer too?.. ) I'm just a big cry baby. I need to suck it up if I'm ever going to be a nurse.

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