Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny Bikinis

I can't believe I accidentally stumbled on this Tumblr page: goldfishkiss
If you love tiny bikinis, the ocean, sand in your hair and gorgeous mermaid style, then check out her page. She also has great ideas on how to re-style your old bikinis. She gave me the inspiration to repair my old swimsuit that I found. The bottoms were way too long (think 1980's bottoms) so I took in the crotch by cutting off about two inches of material, and then sewing a straight line down the back.

They fit PERFECTLY. I have a pretty flat butt, so they make my little tooshie look a little rounder. Thank the lord. I am on the stairmill 6 days a week at the gym, with lots of squats in between, yet my behind is still as flat as a pancake.

Here are some suits I have been lusting over lately:

I miss the ocean, the salty air, warm breezes, the sand between my toes.. I miss home. SOmeone please transport me back to California.
 Pacific Beach, Ca

 Sunset out on Pacific Beach Dr.

On another note, I have been eating pure junk lately. I have a problem of eating one bad thing, then the whole day is ruined. I can't stop at three cookies, I have to eat the whole batch and then bake some more (I wish I was lying). It's a bad habit I'm trying to get rid of. I need to get my body bikini ready for when I get back to California.. whenever that may be.

What are your favorite swimsuit designers? What's the max you'll shell out for a tiny piece of fabric?
{I can't bring myself to spend more than 75 for both top and bottom. Broke college student.}

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