Thursday, June 7, 2012

DOMS & Toasted Coconut Chocolate Cookies

Oh my goodness. I am so sore form yesterdays' workout that I can barely move my legs. I'm currently walking around town like a cowboy from the wild wild west. Days like this makes me wish that girls can pee standing up.

I went super easy at the gym today and did chest and triceps with a 30 minute walk tagged at the end.

I'm currently baking these cookies and the house smells AMAZING. The warm nutty aroma of toasted coconut has to be one of my favorite smells.I had to leave them in for a couple mintes longer than suggested (I think my oven may need to be recalibrated). They came out oh-so-soft and buttery. I really like these little guys. The batter was supposed to make 24.. well I made 15 small/normal sized cookies. I guess they were meant to be TINY. No wonder they're 88 calories.

Earlier today I began the pierogi making process by making the fillings. I decided on the traditional potato/onion/cheese and a saukeraut/cornedbeef/potato. The second was something that I wanted to try..

For dinner I had the same thing as I had yesterday:
 I usually cook a big meal, and eat the leftovers for three days in a row. Fast and easy, and less dishes during the week. I HATE doing dishes.

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