Thursday, June 7, 2012


Last night a couple of us were discussing delicious food items we were unable to get in West Virginia. I really shouldn't complain, because I live across the street from the nicest Kroger in the state. Someone told me they drove an hour to go to this Kroger because of the wine specialist and the sushi guy. Not to mention they have Boars Head deli meat and cheeses. The good stuff. Anyways, the topic of good quality pierogi came up. One guy was saying that Pittsburgh has amazing pierogi places, and he drives 4 hours just to pick up a batch a few times a year. My boyfriend LOVES pierogi, brats and kielbasa. Since I have nothing but free time on my hands, I'm going to make that man some fresh homemade piergoi from scratch (and also freeze some to give to the other crazy kid so he doesn't have to drive 4 hours). Kielbasa and pierogis are on the menu for today.

Did you know that pierogi is actually plural for pierog? So the term pierogis or pierogies is incorrect. Who knew?

Here are somethings I wish I could get in West Virginia:
Trader Joe's
Whole Foods
Cool Greens (salad/wrap place in OKC)
Which Wich
Acai Bowls
Brick oven pizza
Korean Food
Real Mexican restaurants
NY pizza
Alfalfa sprouts (can't find them in any grocery store)
Pho (only place is 45 minutes away, and it's mediocre at best)
.. the list goes on.

Back to the little polish dumplings.. The dough was the hardest part. I always have a hard time kneading, and getting a good balance between the sticky/dry dough. I let the dough rest for half an hour, used a pint glass to make circles, and used a fork to crimp the edges. I used this recipe. I froze them before boiling them (I read online that it helps prevent them from busting open). I just simply put them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper & stuck them in the freezer for an hour. Afterwards I threw them into a ziploc bag and called it a day. Next time I think I'll let Mrs. T do the pierogi cooking. This process is wayyyyy too time consuming.

photos (left to right): mixing the wet ingredients, shredding the cheese, mashing the potatoes, wrapping the corned beef/sauerkraut/potato pierogi, cutting the dough, freezing the pierogi, and ziplocking the pierogi
Sorry this blog is looking so crappy. I have no idea how to design a blog- but I'm googling it now, so hopefully this blog will start coming together. If anyone has any advice, I would be forever grateful.

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